IT Support: ADX Depot

What we Built or Did for Them

MS support the ADX group of companies and all associated users / infrastructure with 24×5 unlimited support. The CMS team build close relationships with all key stakeholders to ensure an open and transparent relationship. CMS becomes an extension of their team, not only providing end-user support, infrastructure management services, network management services and cyber security management, but also assist with IT strategic plans, compliance, risk mitigations and IT operation maturity.

What was the End Result

ADX end-users get immediate support by an IT support engineer when they need it, no matter if it’s after hours or early in the morning, they also get to speak to a support engineer right away. ADX have the confidence that their IT systems are being maintained and supported by an Australian company using industry best practices. CMS are also helping move ADX infrastructure into a modern workplace, removing the need and requirement for antiquated, on-premise servers and introducing the cyber security and operational benefits that come from a modern workplace setup. ADX management also have comfort in knowing that if there are any incidents, or major events that the CMS team will be right there with them supporting them every step of the way.

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