Cyber Security: Solution

What we Built or Did for Them

  • Continue to implement solutions and procedures that further increase the organisations security posture.
  • Implement Microsoft Zero Trust security principals including conditional access, Defender for Office, Defender for Servers, VPN only access and AV/EDR/MDR solutions across all devices.
  • Implement backup and restoration policies, disaster recovery policies and business continuity policies and runbooks.
  • Run independent penetration testing, monthly vulnerability scanning and complete cyber security audits to identify areas for improvement and mitigations.
  • Run continual device vulnerability scanning and implement patching schedules to ensure critical patches are applied within a 48 hour window.

What was the End Result

Solution’s IT infrastructure and environment is continually being testing for cyber security weaknesses and improvements. CMS manage and response to all security alerts allowing Solution to focus on their organisation knowing that they have appropriate cyber security strategies in place.

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