Move to the cloud with confidence

Top 5 reasons small to medium businesses move to the cloud

Cost savings

Moving to the cloud can provide significant cost savings for small to medium businesses, as they can eliminate the need for expensive hardware and IT infrastructure. Additionally, with cloud computing, businesses only pay for the resources they use, which can further reduce costs.


Cloud computing allows small to medium businesses to scale their IT resources up or down as needed, which can be especially beneficial for businesses that experience fluctuations in demand.

Improved collaboration

Cloud-based tools and applications can be accessed from anywhere, which can improve collaboration among team members, partners and customers.

Increased mobility

Cloud computing allows employees to access data and applications from anywhere, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses with mobile or remote workers.

Enhanced security

Cloud providers have security measures in place to protect customer data and applications, which can provide small to medium businesses with an additional layer of security. Additionally, many cloud providers offer compliance certifications, which can be useful for businesses that need to comply with specific regulations.

Are you thinking about moving to the cloud?

This is a decision that can take your business to the next level. For many companies, the flexibility, scalability and predictable payment structures are becoming too attractive to ignore. Avoiding the burden, costly capital, maintenance expenses and uncertainty around your server is probably also on your mind.

Transition options


Data migration to online storage like Dropbox, SharePoint, Box and more


Application migration to Amazon Web Servers (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google and more


Single workload / Entire IT infrastructure / Hybrid solution


Customer Story

Experts at finding the
solution that fits

MacroPlan engaged Cloud Made Simple in a consulting role to understand their current technology state and provide guidance on the most suitable future state for their infrastructure and technology model. Their infrastructure was nearing the refresh deadline and were seeking a partner to assist with the refresh project, updating hardware across all locations and configuring vSphere and Windows DFS (distributed file system) for the network, integrated with their existing SD-WAN infrastructure.

After understanding MacroPlan’s current state and requirements, Cloud Made Simple proposed an alternative option, the cloud…

Our time-tested approach



We sit down with your team to assess your current environment and applications to determine your cloud readiness, opportunities and potential roadblocks.



Develop a thorough migration plan prioritised by risk, value and effort to ensure your migration is timely and cost effective.



Testing the reliability of your cloud architecture, tools and processes with a proof of concept using your most common application type.



Transition your applications and workloads to the cloud seamlessly with minimal impact to your business.


Testing, Training + Maintenance

Knowledge transfer and enablement. Testing of all applications and environments.