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365automate.com.au is a brand of Cloud Made Simple.

Automate your business tasks.
Save time and money.

Saving/losing time equates to profit/loss.
It’s the difference between success and failure.
Every business wants new ways to improve productivity.
Automating manual processes is one of the easiest ways to do this.

We specialise in simple to complex process automation primarily using the Power Automate platform in Office 365.

Business process automation

Business process automation uses technology to turn manual, timely tasks into quick automation. This can include taking a business process like passing papers from desk to desk or entering spreadsheet data and replacing it with a more efficient and less error-prone status-driven web application.

According to McKinsey & Company, up to 30% of activities can be automated in 60% of occupations which can free up resources to focus on more valuable tasks to the business and drive growth.

Automation Advantages


Save time and money


Increase client satisfaction


Reduce manual errors


Improve operational stability


Maximise productivity of tasks that only people can do


Gain valuable business insights